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Top touring pros to Surf in The World Skin Cancer Foundation’s First West Coast Skin Cancer Awareness Event

World Skin Cancer Foundation’s Sean and Skippy Slater Invitational Surf Contest Set For San Clemente, May 30th

COCOA BEACH, Fla. (May 6, 2009) -- The Sean and Skippy Slater Invitational Surf Contest presented by Ocean Potion – the World Skin Cancer Foundation’s inaugural West Coast awareness and fund-raising event for the fight against skin cancer – will take place May 30th at San Clemente Pier in San Clemente, California.

The Slater Invitational will be highlighted by the participation of WCT surfing professionals, in addition to dozens of other top men and women short and long boarders from around the world. The weekend event will also feature a dinner party and auction with live music Saturday night at the Surfing Heritage Foundation in San Clemente.

Skin cancer is the fastest growing type of cancer in the United States and the Foundation’s mission is to build awareness for the disease while educating the public on how to enjoy a safer outdoor lifestyle. The organization conducts several recreational and sports special events each year, all designed to educate people about the causes and prevention of skin cancer while safely enjoying the outdoors. Most events also offer free skin cancer screenings for all participants and attendees and local Doctors will be conducting free and private screenings Saturday, May 30th from noon to 4pm, during the Slater Invitational

“Anybody can have a full and active fun-in-the-sun lifestyle but you need to take precautions from the dangers of the sun,” said World Skin Cancer Foundation President Drew Filliben. “It starts with wearing a hat, shirt and approved sunscreen of at least 30 SPF, and we encourage everyone to do all of those things and join us at the Sean and Skippy Slater Invitational Surf Contest presented by Ocean Potion the last weekend in May.”

Over one million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed every year and over 10,000 people die from skin cancer annually. The most important benefit of supporting the World Skin Cancer Foundation and one of its many events is helping the organization’s efforts to raise awareness for skin cancer through education, prevention, detection and informational public signage while supporting sun-safe outdoor recreation. Learn more at

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Retro Surf Party

Doheny Longboard Surfing Association to hold its annual
“Back to the 60’s” Surf Classic on June 6th

Retro Surf event is open to anyone with a classic longboard

The grand tradition of longboarding will come back to life on Saturday, June 6th, 2009 as the Doheny Longboard Surfing Association (DLSA) will hold its annual Back to the 60’s surf contest at Doheny State Park.

This year’s program will be a fond look back at surfing history. The retro contest is open to any contestant with a board made before 1970. Remember no leashes will be allowed. This contest is also a great opportunity to see old-school surfing, a skillful style born of the 1960’s era where big, heavy boards ruled the day. The daylong event will showcase an exciting range of classic hang-tens, drop-knee cutbacks, coupled with the always spectacular Hodad wipeouts and assorted odd maneuvers that will surely defy description.

In past events the contest featured classic surfboards from local Dana Point shaped Hobie’s to those built by Bob Bolen of the Greek label out of Huntington Beach. The event is not only a classic surfboard competition but also a fun way to circle back in time as many contestants will wear traditional surf clothes from the 60’s.

This year's contest will be held at Doheny’s infamous Rivermouth area. Everyone involved is invited to a post event awards dinner ceremony that will be Ohana style (pot luck). So bring your own food and some to share and enjoy the day.

For questions please contact, fax (949) 581-1158 or call (949) 581-9740 and ask for Mark the event chairperson.

PR contact: Denny Michael at

The Doheny Longboard Surfing Association is an organization comprised of individuals dedicated to the enjoyment of board surfing in a clean and natural environment. In relation to that philosophy, the DLSA will act as a support group to other organizations with similar views and objectives. Visit the clubs website at

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Dumpster Dive

There's gold in them hills!!

While taking a dump run to drop off accumulated stuff - I spotted a Vintage Model Hobie pearing out of a trash heap saying "Help me, Help me" I still want to go! Turns out that it's a Terry Martin shaped 9.2 Vintage Model that beside the obvious war wounds was still reasonably sound. It'll be perfect for the bumper pool crowds of summer...

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Doheny Menehune Championships

Doheny Longboard Surfing Association selects date for its 13th
Annual Menehune Surf Championships at Doheny State Beach

The Doheny Longboard Surfing Association (DLSA) will be holding its 13th Annual Menehune Contest on Saturday, June 27, 2009 at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, Calif. The contest begins promptly at 7 AM PDT and is open to boys and girls of all ages with divisions for 8 and under on up to 17 years of age. Hundreds of young competitors are expected to participate. Applications and additional information can be picked up at local surf shops throughout Orange County, California or downloaded from the Association’s website at:

"The annual Menehune contest provides the perfect venue for kids that would like to get involved in some friendly surfing competition in a “no pressure, have fun” arena. The energy that the Menehune’s bring to the beach is contagious”, said Jack Sutter, President of the Doheny Longboard Surfing Association.

Proceeds from the contest help fund several of the organization's ongoing charity outreach programs including the Ronald McDonald House and the local Doheny State Park Interpretive Center.

The Menehune Championships has a long history of supporting charities, while also providing a fun-filled day at the beach for participants and observers alike. The event will feature auctions, raffles and music throughout the day with an awards ceremony following the end of the competition. Jack Sutter further states, “At its core, surfing is all about having fun. Through events like this, we hope that kids will cherish their time spent on the beach with their fellow surfing friends and families.”

Surfers will compete in 15 minute heats with scoring based on a 10-point system that integrates wave selection, length of ride, surfing moves and style. Judges are all Doheny Longboard members who have a long history of working within this type of scoring system.

For more information and to find out how you can be involved as either a surfing Menehune or as a volunteer, please email, fax (949) 581-1158 or call (949) 581-9740 the event chairperson.

The Doheny Longboard Surfing Association is an organization comprised of individuals dedicated to the enjoyment of board surfing in a clean and natural environment. In relation to that philosophy, the DLSA will act as a support group to other organizations with similar views and objectives.
PR contact: Denny Michael at

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Surfing Heritage Host Primo Beer

Left to Right: Henry Ford, Rusty Keaulana, Dick Metz and Paul Strauch

California and Hawaiian surf personalities visit the Surfing Heritage Foundation

As part of a promotional tour introducing Primo Beer to California, (Primo is one of the Surfing Heritage Foundation’s sponsors this year) the Surfing Heritage Foundation hosted one of the tour stops. In addition to the visit at the Heritage, Primo also held events at Hapa J’s and the OC Tavern in San Clemente last Thursday evening April 30th.

As part of the tour, Primo had a specially outfitted tour bus built to carry Hawaiian legends and what Primo called big “Bruddahs”. This contingent included Keoni Watson, Hawaiian Big Wave Champion; Rusty Keaulana (Russ K), three-time Longboard World Champion and part of the first family of Hawai’i surfing, Spam, Primo’s official “Bombucha”; and Lanai, a top DJ on 98.5 in Oahu.

The Surfing Heritage had California legends Paul Strauch, Dick Metz, Mike Marshell, Henry Ford and Ron Sizemore on hand to greet the touring crew from Primo and to accept a longboard donation from Rusty Keaulana that is now a part of the Foundations collection.

Denny Michael