Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cardiac Classic

The 2008 running of DLSA’s Cardiac Classic serves up fun!

March 8th was a day to remember. The sun came out early and we all met at Doheny’s infamous Rivermouth area to begin what would become one of our best days of surfing this year. No, the waves were not spectacular but the camaraderie and good vibes were. Friends and families had plenty of great sun for watching the competition and we were blessed with virtually no wind the entire day.

The Cardiac Classic is held every year and is open to all members of DLSA. This is a traveling event and held in all types of weather, all types of conditions and locations, even down to Baja a couple of years ago. No matter if it’s rain or shine - we take to the waves.

From a competitors perspective our club’s motto, “Surfings a dance and the wave always leads”, could not have been more true during this year’s classic. You really had to let the wave lead and take your best options to place well in your heats. At times there were plenty of waves to go around and at other times you had to position yourself where you felt you could pick up some points. In every heat a few choice sets would lumber through and if you had luck on your shoulder you just might score a nice long ride.

Highlights from my perspective were the well matched Mens A class and the Womens A final that showcased great surfing from everyone. The Junior Men featured a broad spectrum of surfing styles and ages. We had kids at 11 years old holding their own against 29 year olds. It was really fun to watch. I remember my youngest son Deano saying to me once he saw who he was in the final with “O my gosh dad that guy has a beard”!!!

After the finals we all gathered to relax and wind up the day with a game of horseshoes and a great buffet O’Hana style.